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About Us – Tradelikeninja

Welcome to Tradelikeninja!

Tradelikeninja is an online forex/stock/ binary academy. Our main aim is to equip student with trading skills. Our courses simple with illustration, with full time interaction with our tutors.

  •     We offer live trading twice a week for those who have subscribed to our service.
  • We have both pdf, videos and direct interaction with our tutors.
  • we have partnered with capital providers to ensure that students get funds in completion of the course.
  • we provide also trading tools to students

Take advantage

Make money on mentorship stage as you learn from mistakes

learn and get VSA at affordable price with free guide.

Learning from experienced tutors.


Trading Courses (Online)

  • we offer certificates on completion.
  • we offer mentorship programs to student as well
  • we don’t manage account for anyone.